About Dancing

Modern Western Square Dancing is an active, healthy, relaxing, community activity that is both great fun and great exercise.  It is a workout for both mind and body.  As many of us have experienced, you can begin dancing with the weight of the world’s stress on your shoulders and two minutes later you find yourself smiling without a care in the world.  We don’t know why, but it works!  Try it!

Casual dance

Great Low Impact Exercise

It’s not uncommon to walk the equivalent of 2 miles during an evening’s dance!  Put that unused treadmill in your basement!

Dance partner

You Don't Need A Partner

Dancers without partners will find one another at the dance. We even have people that can dance both parts to pair up with, so bringing a partner is nice but not a must.

Swing dance

Terrific Mental Workout

Square dancing is all about dancing the right moves as the “caller” sings them out, and there are a lot of moves.  You’ll be calling upon your mental and muscle memories constantly during a dance!

Contemporary dance

No Better Entertainment Value Anywhere

Two hours of nothing but fun, fun, and more fun for a very modest donation — way less than the cost of a movie!


What To Wear

Wear what’s comfortable.  Jeans are common and are just fine!


Friendships For A Lifetime

Square Dancing is “Friendship Set To Music.”  You’ll make friends that you’ll keep for a lifetime.  And no matter where on Earth you go, you’re going to find other dancers.  You’ll have instant new friends everywhere!


But I Hate Country Music!

Today’s callers use rock, pop, jazz, blues, and more in addition to country.    The music is as varied as the callers and dancers!

Robot dance

Fun For The Entire Family

Square Dancing is fun for all ages.  Anyone from 8 to 80 can enjoy themselves during smoke / alcohol free dances!